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DRONE COMBAT frequently asked questions




  • Will this show/event be international?
    We are doing our testing in the U.S., Mexico, and Europe. “Drone Combat” is a U.S. entity, but will have international viewership and plans to film tournaments internationally.
  • The trailer for Drone Combat shows vehicles involved; how is that implemented in the tournament?
    Vehicles, as well as ground targets, are being developed for use in game play during our current testing. Eventually, Drone Combat will feature many varied scenarios, and will include changing forums (indoor/outdoor/different locations) as well as obstacles, vehicles, and field of play layouts.
  • Will pilots be using their own drones or is there a proprietary Drone Combat drone that's in use during the tournament/show?
    Since the drones must have a specific frame size, prop size, and be able to carry the targeting and firing emission enclosures, we are working with a proprietary system. In the future, pilots may be able to use their own drones that meet the game specifications and carry the approved technology on board the frames.
  • Can anyone play this game or is it just for tournament-level drone pilots?
    Right now, while the Drone Combat team is in the testing process of game development, it is best suited for skilled pilots. We are creating the rules that govern the game, and the technological requirements. When we complete this development phase, we plan to work on a version accessible to players of all levels.
  • Are you somehow regulating the speed of the racing drones? They appear to be running at a reduced speed or is that being adjusted in post-production?
    Currently, the drones are running at around 40 mph. We achieve the speed of the game by adjusting the FPV camera angle; a pilot can go faster but will sacrifice visibility. Some of the post-production work, on things like instant replays and lengthy engagements, is speed-altered to improve viewer access and visibility.
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